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United States
Fave anime: Attack on Titan, Hitman reborn, Dgray man, bleach, fruits basket, tokyo mew mew, inuyasha, cardcaptors, pretear, magic knight rayearth, full metal panic, ect...
non-hentai doujinshis and fanfictions
part of the soul community
i want anime video games pweese!
Part of the KHR Community (might have a new name for that in the future)

Current Residence: why should i tell you. Just somewhere in America
Favourite genre of music: everything except metal
Favourite photographer: I don't know anymore
Favourite style of art: I like a lot
Operating System: PC laptop
MP3 player of choice: ipod nano
Shell of choice: umm...turtle
Wallpaper of choice: anything anime
Favourite cartoon character: hibari, byakuya, kotetsu, levi, kyo, allen, and the list goes on and on forever
Personal Quote: anime is my priority XD
Titles and Names are Bound to Change as well as finish. Link to ask tumblr: 

                                  Porcelain Dolls

The Two Dolls Lara and Penny by hanatokirara

Two brothers, Ryan and Bryan, take over their parents business at a cosplay store in Tokyo after they graduated from university and their parents moved to a different country to expand the business. After successfully moving and setting up the store with their aunt as a manager, the brothers add porcelain dolls to their displays and start the business. However, after some supernatural interference, two of those dolls come to life and become their models while learning more about how to live a human life. 

Ryan Brigid: Older brother, 20. Blond hair and dark brown eyes. Calm, composed, and good at advertising, drawing, and designing.

Bryan Brigid: Younger brother, 18. Black hair and dark brown eyes. Cheerful, extremely smart, and skipped two grades. Flirts, makes specifically designed clothes by commissions, and does any clothing alterations.

Anisa Brigid: Aunt of Bryan and Ryan from father's side, 35. Light brown hair usually in a bun, dark grey eyes, usually wears glasses. Strict, bossy, over-protective at times, caring. Is in charge of managing, helping in dressing rooms, information desk, cash register, and rent of the apartment connected to the store.

Lara Cate: A dark brown hair and blue-green eyes that usually dresses in white/silver and dark blue. Adapts to a serious but curious personality.

Penny Chiara: A blond doll with blue-green eyes that usually dresses in fuchsia and black. Adapts to a cheerful and air-headed personality.

Lynda Macy: A young eccentric woman that enjoys cosplay and dressing up. Lavender hair in a pineapple bun and bangs cover one eye. Silver colored eyes though one tends to change to black. She is also a witch. Models for the store as a part-timer.

Heath Evelyn: Young man that works as a photographer for the store and current boyfriend of Lynda. Dark brown hair and light brown eyes. 
Orion and Keisha Brigid: Ryan's and Bryan's mom and dad now in China expanding their business.

            Ayumi Fox: Legend of the Wolf
Info: In a mythical island located at the coast of Tokyo Bay that only a sixth sense can see, lived clans of wolves, foxes, hedgehogs, birds, and other species. The wolf and fox clans are united, but conflict arises and all foxes born from wolves are exiled to Tokyo. Being able to shift into human forms, it wasn't hard to blend in, but the wolves' torment over them didn't stop there.
Ookami and Ayumi by hanatokirara
Ayumi Kitsune: A 16 year old girl who was born a fox within a white and brown wolf clan. Raised with kind parents, she was envied and bullied by the other outcast foxes making it hard to earn her trust. She was forced into exile and hiding by the ruling black wolf clan. After being saved by a boy from hostile wolves, she was taken in by a family of hedgehogs shifters that run a hotel and she is sent as a transfer student in high school where she meets the same boy who saved her before. She is good at martial arts, very independent, and will not give in without a fight. She has above shoulder length red hair and green eyes. Likes to combine greens and pinks in her outfits but wears pretty much anything. Appearance changes later on so ask if curious. Ask for animal forms- 4 in total.
Ayumi Again by hanatokirara  Ayumi Fox: Legend of the Wolf by hanatokirara

Yoru (Ookami) Harinezumi: A young independent 17 year old high school-er that lives in a cabin by the woods. Adopted by the hedgehogs after they found him as a child. He is the president of the martial arts club and seems to have some strange sixth sense that becomes apparent every now and then. Silver hair and golden eyes gives him a strange appearance. Modest and caring for others, he does his best to fight for what he treasures. Ask for 2 forms.

Kasui Harinezumi: Hedgehog shifter that manages a hotel along with his wife Emi. Adopted Yoru and took care of Ayumi in her time of need. He's really short for his age and is usually easy-going and cheerful. He has very light brown/dirty blonde hair and black eyes. Ask for 2 forms.

Emi Harinezumi: Hedgehog shifter than manages a hotel along with her husband Kasui. Motherly personality, strict, and can easily get her husband to summit to her wishes. Shoulder length pale pink hair and dark gray eyes. Ask for 2 forms.

Cathrina Rosetta: Ayumi's best friend from school. She loves cooking and home economics. Light gray eyes and long reddish-brown curly hair usually in two ponytails.

Raven Kuroh: A wolf shifter from the black clan sent to assassinate all foxes. She is completely loyal to her father and hates foxes with her whole being. Long black hair with white highlights and blue eyes. Becomes popular at school rather quickly. She is usually with her brother. Good at fighting and very short tempered while maintaining an elegance to her manners. Ask for 2 forms.

Nori Kuroh: Raven's older brother. Black wolf shifter and is a good hunter. Mostly quiet and inexpressive. Black hair and blue eyes with a scar across his two cheeks. Follows his sister everywhere and treats her like a queen. Ask for 2 forms.

Leyla Kitsune: Ayumi's mother and a wolf with a light brown almost golden fur coat. Loved Ayumi despite her fox form.
Nik Kitsune: Ayumi's father with and a white wolf.
Dale Kitsune: Ayumi's overprotective younger brother who gave her an education and taught her some self defense. 
Kellen Emmalyn: Yoru's senpai and ex-manager of the martial arts club in school.
Judah Kuroh: Raven and Nori's father as well as clan leader and ruler of the mythical island.
Tasmin Kuroh: Raven and Nori's mother.
Elva Ookami: A frail silver she-wolf that lost her son and husband.
Eugene Ookami: A special silver wolf that had the ability to transform foxes into wolves but perished due to assassination.

                       The Fairy Cafe
Info: Fairies like to travel to the human world from time to time in order to support humans and protect them from any dark elements through magic used in food perfected in many years of training. However any fairy that strays from a path of light can cause chaos in the world of human that can lead to their own self destruction.

Wendy Halle: A young fairy eagerly begins working in a cafe filled with fellow creatures to help humans. She is usually a bashful, but energetic and spunky woman that has the notion of wanting to do her best despite the difficulties she will face. She has bright green hair in two long braids and red eyes. Her fairy form is composed of yellow, red, and black butterfly wings. Sunshine magic is her specialty. Works early morning and afternoon.
Wendy by hanatokirara

Sandra Brydon: A mysterious young night fairy that works alongside Wendy. She doesn't talk about herself much but her kind and caring personality is obvious through her words and actions. She has short dark blue hair and bright pink eyes. Works at during the late afternoon and night. She has small dark pink wings similar to dragonflies. 2 forms with one not fully revealed. Ask.

Palmer Jamie: A male pixie that works as a custodian at the cafe as well as a server. Popular with female costumers he helps attract a crowd at the cafe. Long dark red hair and amber colored eyes. He is usually a modest, though impatient young man that can't stand large crowds. Small transparent folded wings similar to a bee's. 

Javon Yvonne: Boss of the cafe, event manager, and late night bartender. Brown hair and pale blue eyes and he is a fairy of earth.
Aurelia and Emmerson Halle: Wendy's parents
Luisa and Henley Jamie: Palmer's parents.

                        The Witch's Law
Info: Three witch sisters head out of their world to explore the human world and bring that knowledge to their own world. Each with a different magical skill and familiar as well as good looks have a lot to look forward to. However, there are rules that need to be followed and breaking one deserves a severe punishment that can range from jail, to banishment, to even death.

Chastity Sherwin: A young teenage witch with a kind, eager, curious, clumsy, and confident personality winds up in a large house with a large graveyard after crash landing in a tree. She is housemates with a young man that finds her and teaches her about the world. Her familiar is a dark purple cat with a hot-temper named Peggy. She has below shoulder length purple hair and matching purple eyes. Skilled in multiple magic spells.
My Main Witch Chastity by hanatokirara    Sleepy witch by hanatokirara
Nia Sherwin: A young woman witch and older sister of the three. She is the most mature of the bunch, but also the most stubborn. Her familiar is a black crow named Nevin. She has long below the back length purple hair and matching eyes. Skilled in potion making. Lives in the mansion with her sisters.

Jackie Sherwin: The youngest and most playful witch of the bunch. She is forced to go to school and is skilled in flying stunts. Her purple hair is usually in two braids and her familiar is a gray bat named Bernard. Lives with her sisters.
Little Witch Jackie by hanatokirara

Yasu Midori: Young man with forest green hair covering one eye and brown eyes. He is very kind, responsible, and fan of sci-fi anime.

Yuudai Midori: Yasu's older brother with similar psychical traits except he has dark green eyes both uncovered and usually wears glasses. He teaches math at a university and is usually strict.

Kali and Remy Sherwin: The witch's parents.
Miranda and Marco Midori: Yasu and Yuudai's parents. 

                           No Ghost OBE
Info: Minami and Murasaki started a romantic relationship as they began their sencond year in high school, but due to an incident that left Minami in a coma, things took a whole new twist. Minami appears as a spirit of some sort that can affect supernatural elements around her. Now she needs to complete various tasks to awaken her sleeping body.
December OCs by hanatokirara

Minami Alton: An energetic 17 year old high-school student with a dream of becoming a champion at gymnastics. She begins dating her best friend and neighbor Murasaki. She nearly gets killed and becomes a spirit that can help other wondering spirits find peace as well as experience their demises. She has pink hair tied in two loops and teal eyes. 
Minami by hanatokirara

Murasaki Ezekiel: A 17 year old student that can see the supernatural. Being bullied as a young little boy, he moved to Minami's neighborhood and became close friends until he confessed his feelings for her. He works at a supernatural investigation agency for ghost hunting is a skill he has mastered. Lavender hair tied in a small ponytail and dark blue eyes.

Tarou Ezio: Boss of the supernatural investigation agency. He is searching for the spirit of his younger sister that died, but he feels that she hasn't moved on. 

Hannah Frankie: Minami's friend from school. She is a foreigner but easy to get along with. She enjoys art class. Has short mid-neck black hair and bright blue eyes.
Oc pencil drawing of Hannah by hanatokirara

Masami Alton: A spirit than was never born and guided Minami in her quest.

Makoto Ezio: Tarou's sister.

Jurou Tsubasa: An innocent looking child that seems to have taken an interest to Minami.

Shawn and Corbin Alton: Minami's mom and dad.
Julianna and Clay Ezekiel: Murasaki's parents.

Info: After a popular manga artist dies in a traffic accident, she is put in the spirit world with the powers to protect those she cares about in the world of the living. She works hard along with a guardian angel and a new friend to set things right.

Hana Carrie: A popular manga artist that suffers a tragic accident in front of her crush. She becomes a spirit that dwells in technology where she fights the dark intentions of humans in the form of monsters while she trains with a guardian angel. She can control code and any electronic equipment.

Zyan Bradford: Hana's crush and editor. He saw her death in front of his eyes and doesn't get over his loss until Hana shows herself to him.

Lilith Kyra: Another spirit like Hana that trains along with her for common goals. 

Quorra Karissa (Carrie): A mysterious woman that appears to fight along with Hana and disappears just as fast.

William Velma: Guardian angel and trainer for Hana and Lilith. He is quite skilled in battle and has many responsibilities. 

Christie and Rolando Carrie: Hana's parents
Rydel and Connor Bradford: Zyan's parents

                          Clashing Together
Info: In order to stop the extinction of the human race, humans made a deal with the hidden mythical creatures of a good life with all the rights in return for their protection. A century later humans and the supernatural coexisted and have been living in peace, however secret organizations and bounty hunters stir up trouble for many. This story contains BL.

Hideki Itsuki: A young wealthy vampire who just turned 18 and studies plant biology at a university. He adores nature and all its plants. He has violet eyes and messy orange hair. Works part-time at a cosplay cafe with his younger sister Moriko and close friend Minoru. His mother is a pure-blood vampire and his father is a forest nymph making Hideki a mixed blood vampire thus needing a dose of blood at least once every 2 months.

Minoru Katashi: A young pure-blood 20 year old vampire. He has black hair and silver eyes that constantly change color depending on his emotions. He usually looks intimidating and emotionless at first glance, but he is a man that has a passion for cooking, especially desserts, and an interest in cute items, like plush toys, characters, and animals. His family is wealthier than Hideki's family but are in good terms. His pure-blood mother and father are famous for modeling and for being part of the supernatural protection program. He is quite skilled at fighting, works as a chef in the cosplay cafe, and studies culinary arts at the university.

Moriko Itsuki: A 17 year old forest nymph that reached maturity at 16. She has golden blond hair and green eyes. She adores cosplay, anime, and all sorts of skating(ice, roller blades, and skateboard). She can be really stubborn, impatient, and short-tempered, but is friendly to most species. She works in the cosplay cafe that she founded with her savings.

Chouko Umi: This young woman is a bounty hunter as well as a siren. She has been the most successful hunter the underground organizations could hope for. She has been chasing Hideki and Minoru for a while and won't quit until she delivers their heads for a grand prize. Dark gray hair and eyes, she can't be easily killed. Ask for siren form.

Tomomi Yuzuki: Cat shifter or neko, this shy girl is Moriko's best friend and shares her love for cosplay. Dark red hair and orange eyes. Works at the cosplay cafe.

Mori Itsuki: Hideki's father as well as a biologist.
Shinju Itsuki: Hideki's mother as well as a fashion designer.
Hideaki Katashi: Minoru's father as well as head of the creature protection program.
Miyu Katashi: Minoru's mother as well as a famous model.
  • Listening to: Viva la Vida
  • Reading: Fruits Basket
  • Watching: Hellsing Ultimate
  • Playing: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
  • Eating: yogurt
  • Drinking: juice

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